“What was the inspiration behind The Style Playlist?”

There is nothing that literally get’s me as excited as new music, a good fashion/beauty find and a plane ticket. Music, Fashion, and Traveling have always been my biggest interests.  I graduated from the University of San Diego and immediately started working in the medical field. Although I love my job and the health care industry is obviously rewarding, I had always dreamed of doing something in the music or fashion industry.  So, I recently started styling and creating playlists for special occasions for family/friends on the side.

Needless to say, I never had the courage to leave my job for a not so guaranteed career in the entertainment industry. Therefore, the idea of The Style Playlist was born. I decided a lifestyle blog/online magazine would be a great platform to share my creativity and passion in both and hopefully inspire those with similar interests.

As for traveling, my dad is a pilot so I was fortunate to grow up with the luxury of being able to hop on a flight whenever I wanted. Obviously standby and nothing was guaranteed, but if I wanted to visit friends, family or go some where for vacation I had the option to always try and catch flight. Being able to see the world had always excited me. Something about being out of my comfort zone and learning about other cultures and seeing beautiful sights feeding my soul. Till this day it still does and every time I plan a trip it’s the only thing I can think of until I land in that destination. I think traveling is insanely important for personal growth. It teaches you a lot about yourself and makes you appreciate what you have a lot more.

“Do you have a playlist to follow?”

YES!  I use everything from Spotify to Soundcloud.  Spotify mainly, I think it’s the most user friendly music source and they make it super easy to share music with friends.

I have several playlists, and I add one every month. Warning they are typically all over the place though lol. I like all genres of music so they don’t usually have a theme it’s usually what I’m feeling that month. You can follow me here to listen to more playlists.

“What is your nationality?”

I get this questions a lot, and by a lot I mean I think it’s a pick up line for some or a conversation starter. Trust me I am not complaining but it’s like clock work wherever I go, if I don’t know anyone especially. Soooo, take a guess??

No, I’m not Middle Eastern, Hispanic, or South America, but extremely flattered to pass as any of those!

I am super random haha

I am 1/2 Vietnamese, 1/4 German, 1/8 Dutch, & 1/8 Swedish.

“Are you from San Diego?”

I was born and raised in Tacoma, WA. Major love to the PNW!! Although San Diego is where I currently reside, WA will always be home. I am not opposed to moving either as long as the opportunity and timing was right! I’ve always dreamt of living in New York or Europe for a period of my life.



photo by: Clara Wang