You can never go wrong with having too many basic pieces and you want to know why? Because they come in handy! For example, when you are staring at your closet wondering what the hell to wear, sometimes you have to turn to your basics and dress them up a bit. With that being said, these are some of my go to’s whenever I feel my outfit needs something extra.

  1. Ray Ban Sunglasses: Preferably in a neutral color. Without a doubt, there is a Ray Ban out there for everyone I swear. No matter what your face shape or style, Ray Bans are a great sunglass to invest in when you’re in the market for a new pair of sunglasses. Also the price point in pretty on point! They’re not too expensive, where you might regret spending that cash on a pair of sunnies, but they are still high end enough to always make you look fly.

  2. A Basic T-Shirt: I found this basic t-shirt for $18.00 a Topshop and I love the fit and material. It’s thicker than your average t shirt which is hard to find these days. Also the crew neck is a nice change from a v-neck. I like that the sleeves are folded over and sown in that way so you never have to fix it. It’s casual but clean and I love tucking these into jeans, skirts, waxed pants or shorts. They truly go with any type of bottoms you want to rock.

  3. Statement Earrings: These little fur babies are from Zara and yes they are fake fur leopard earrings. They were super inexpensive might I add! I love a good statement earring, especially when you are wearing black. Finding a fun material, shape, or even this leopard print is really in right now. The big clanky earrings from the 80’s are making a comeback and I love it. It really make accessorizing more fun.

  4. Statement Belt: This belt was also from Topshop. The reason I love this one in particular, is because encompasses silver and gold, which makes matching real easy. I am sure a lot of us go back n forth wearing silver and gold, so this belt if perfect for everyone. No more worrying about clashing with your jewelry. Also, you can size this to be worn high waisted or around your waistline. Very versatile! My favorite way to show it off is pairing it with a tucked in T-shirt or bodysuit.

  5. Dark Nail Polish: So now that we’re into fall, it is very appropriate to get gothic with your nails. I am all for a statement color and by that I mean dark reds, grays, blacks, maroons, purples, navys. Well you get the picture! OPI has some great ones!



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