"Love is a Battlefield"

We are strong no one can tell us were wrong
— Pat Benatar

What is one of my favorite things about Winter?  Bundling up and layering in my favorite coats and sweaters!  Luckily, in San Diego our weather never really requires thick layering.   So wearing a lightweight jacket is perfect.  Some lightweight jackets I've been loving are military print ones.    

There's something about army print that I will never get sick of.  I think it's the masculine, bad ass vibe that is portrayed in the colors that make dressing it up really fun.  Army print can make your whole outfit so much edgier.  

I 've gotten so many compliments on this jacket and guess where I found it? Forever 21!  I think it was like $30.00 and I wear it all the time, such a steal!  The moment I saw this jacket I knew it would be so versatile.  (similar jacket)  

How I pair it?  I wear it to the gym or running errands with workout clothes, traveling, out with friends with black jeans or a black dress.  Causal or dressy, this jacket can be worn several ways and it is truly one of my favorites.  

Now for something as trendy as this, I wouldn't pay a fortune for.  That is why I go to Forever 21 for pieces like this.  However I do think this trend will be around for awhile.  So many major designers have used military vibes as inspiration for winter lines, take Balmain, Kanye West, an Ralph Lauren for example. 

Below are other ways to rock Military Vibes! 

Gentleman, I didn't forget about you!  Below are some looks you can incorporate in your wardrobe as well!