"Bad B*tches Only"

Culture II- Migos

When Spotify notifies you of a Migos album release, you better believe I am clicking LISTEN.  There are only a few rap artists I've been feeling lately and Migos is high on my list.  Migos dropped Culture last year and had an instant banger "Bad and Boujee".  That song started my love and interest for the group.  Although I can never understand what they are saying half the time, their beats and chorus are too catchy.  I saw them on tour last year with Future and was pleasantly surprised how good of a show they put on.  I loved many songs on the Culture album so naturally I was quick to listen to Culture II and "Get Right Witcha". 

My first reaction to Culture II ...

Track 4: "BBO (Bad Bitches Only)" is the NEW "Bad and Boujee"  

This songs beat is super unique and will probably get stuck in your head.  So speaking of "Bad Bitches Only" when I hear songs like "Bad and Bojuee" and this, I'm inspired by the street-style displayed in the music videos.  Hip Hop has style in its beats as much as it does on the streets.  

 If I want to rock that hip hop / ghetto fab vibe, I think tracksuits are a good go to.  This look is more than just casual wear, it's versatile.  You can dress them up for a night out (like pictured), pair them with cute high tops for a dance class, or plain kicks for running errands in.  And not to mention its like you're wearing pajamas.  Think basic bitch yoga pants with a side of hood.  


"My bitch is bad and boujee"

Some of my favorites from Culture II:

3. Narcos

4. BBO

5. Autopilot 

6. Walk it Talk it

9. Stirfry

13. Crown Kings

14. Flooded



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{ pants, long sleeve top, short sleeve top, shoes (similar), sunglasses }