"Why are you my clarity"

"I want to be a relevant artist in the future, not just right now"

Anton Zaslavski aka ZEDD

I've had the opportunity to see Zedd a few times now annddd every time I fan girl out SO hard.  Zedd is so talented and full of amazing energy.  One thing I love about seeing DJ sets is the crowd.  If you look around every F*****G person is on the same page.  Everyone is high on life, literally or not lol singing and dancing along.  The energy is contagious.  

Last week I was flying back from NYC and Zedd's Documentary "True Colors" was featured on Delta's movie selection.  Naturally being a music fanatic I watched it.  I was already a fan, but now I have MORE respect for the young DJ.  This past weekend marked my third time seeing Zedd and once again he put on a great set.  After the show, I was lucky to have an opportunity to express my appreciation for his music to him.  He truly is one talented and humble guy!

Fun Facts about Zedd from "True Colors"

1. He's from Germany and 27 years old 

2. He started playing music at the age of 4 and played in a band with his brother at age 12

3. He was discovered by reaching out to Skrillex on Myspace

4. Lady Gaga is also a huge fan; Zedd produced 3 songs on her ARTPOP album

5. Not only is he a writer he produces his music as well

6. In 2013 he went on his first world tour 

7. He won a Grammy in 2014 for "Clarity" feat. Foxes


If you get the opportunity to watch this documentary you should, Zedd's humble persona and passion for creating music will blow you away!