"Mask Off"

Nobody Safe Tour

Let's talk Future shall we??  I attended my first rap concert a week ago. Yes my first one, I know shocking since I'm obsessed with hip hop!  I have seen a few rappers perform at festivals and club after parties but this was definitely a whole other experience.  Rap concerts have so much energy.    

The 'NOBODY SAFE TOUR' features Future, Migos, A$AP FERG, and Zoey Dollar.  I have been really digging Future and Migos over the past 2 years.  I'd say these two are my favorite hip hop artists right now.  I think their beats are sick and their sound is unique.  Also, if you love music like I do, you have probably noticed Future and Migos are featured on a lot of other popular artist's songs.  Artists like The Weekend, Jay Z, Drake, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Calvin Harris, and Rihanna to name a few.  I think it shows a great deal of talent and popularity when rappers are featured on other artists tracks aside from their own.  

So back to the headliner, Future.  He's recognized for his mumble sound and sick auto-tuning.  Although auto-tune has a bad rep, Future does it artistically in a way that keeps us constantly hitting repeat.  

Aside from his music I've always found his style bad ass.  From music videos, to concerts and appearance, Future always brings forth the swag.  I'd describe his stye as hip hop-hipster.  His signature outfits often include: ripped jeans, high tops, graphic tees, and a bandana or hat to accessorize.  

Gentleman, if you're a Future fan OR just simply like his style and want to rock some similar looks and channel your inner hip hop Future swag below are some inspirational pieces to start with.  Gotta admit I'm always a fan of a distressed jean with some cool high tops on the fellas.     

shop the look { hat, adidas tee, long tee, jeans, shoes, bandana }

Favorite Future Songs:

Low Life

Mask Off

Same Damn Time

Fuck up some commas

I got the Keys

Digital Dash


Everyday -Ariana Grande

Rollin - Calvin Harris 

Xanny Family


Where ya at