"she got her own"

"i love it cause she got her own"- ne-yo feat: Jamie foxx, FABULOUS

Remember Ne-Yo's "Miss Independent" circa 2008?? Yup its been that long, well if you didn't hear it then, he did a remix of that song shortly after called "She got her Own" featuring Jamie Foxx and Fabulous.  It has always been one of my favorite songs.  Ladies, we probably owe Ne-Yo for starting the whole #girlboss movement.  

"There ain't nothing that's more sexy, than a girl who want, but don't need me" - Jamie foxx

Speaking of girl bosses, as I reach 29 I cant help but reflect on my 20’s and see how far I've come.  So much has changed over the past years, and for the better.  Although some years had a lot of ups and downs, I finally see why things happened the way they did.  I don't think I would be as strong or successful if I hadn't undergone some challenges.  I truly believe your 20’s are crucial for growing.  From your career to relationships you are figuring out what you want.     

I’m not going lie turning 29 gives me a little anxiety, I thought 28 seemed up there!  But I gotta say, 28 was fucking great so I am confidenr 29 will be even better.  So with that being said I wanted to get a tad personal and share some things I've learned.  Maybe some of you can relate or take something away from this...

"only kid of girl i want, Independent queen working for her thrown" -Neyo

Growing up I was raised under a very strict household.  My mom is Vietnamese, so as you can probably guess her expectations were extremely high.  I was required to be an honor student while making the varsity tennis team and placing at state.  Looking back, I know my mom's intentions were good, however I only wish they were my choices.   

When it came to my college graduation, "my" plan (moms plan) was to attend nursing school and become a nurse practitioner because I had been studying business admin and pre nursing.  But a few weeks before graduation I had the inkling to rebel and go my own path even though it would upset her.  I had no clue what the hell I wanted to do, or how I was going to get there.  All I knew was that I would find a career I was good at and succeed.  So I interviewed with a medical device company and ended up getting the job a week before graduating. 

"I love it when she says 'its cool I got it"- Jamie Foxx

When I started my job the only experience I had was my college degree and a nursing internship.  So as you can imagine I didn't know what the F*CKKKK I was doing.  Those of you in sales know it is super discouraging to start out with no sales experience whatsoever.  However, I made a goal at 22 that by 30 I wanted to make 'X' amount and reach a certain position/title.  I made this goal because I knew I wanted to afford a certain lifestyle on my own.  Regardless of how clueless I felt at times, I never switched careers or gave up when the job got tough. 

6 years later at 29, I have reached my professional goal way beyond my expectations.  I hardly ever talk about work because I prefer it kept private, but I wanted to stress the importance of working hard and being self sufficient because I promise you, nothing feels more fulfilling.  

As I checked off some professional goals, I started feeling restless in my personal life.  I knew something was missing.  I had been putting my passion on the back burner for years because I always assumed pursing it was out of my reach.

I had the idea to blog about the correlation of music and fashion years ago but never took action because of self doubt.  Not to mention, I was too busy exuding my energy and time on some bad relationships when I should have been focusing on myself.  

After seeing how influential bloggers were becoming, I knew I would regret it if I didn't at least try.  Therefore, I invested in a laptop and nice camera and spent many late nights creating content.  In February 2017, The Style Playlist finally launched.  I have to say it took some balls and a lot of work.  It's really scary putting yourself out there knowing your voice and creativity will be judged on the daily.  But in the end, I had trust my intuition and taste and go for it.

A lot of people ignore their passions because they're occupied with a stressful career, have kids, or accommodate to other besides themselves.  Well times are changing now, and you should always make time for the things you love.  For your own sanity at least.   

In the end, never doubt yourself or hold back on pursing your passion and goals.  Whether it is your parents, friend, or boyfriend/girlfriends opinion holding you back, never let anyone control your thoughts or actions to the point you forget what really MOVES you.  And I am not referring to professional goals only, I am talking EVERYTHING.  Whether that is pursing a relationship, starting a business, or executing a hobby, go after it!!  Just because someone else might not be on the same page, never lose sight of what fulfills you.  Let your strengths guide you, you'll be surprised how creative you can be.  Success is NOT determined by money alone, success happens when you find happiness. Life’s too short for regrets, so find out WHAT and WHO makes you happy and hold on to it. 

On that note, Cheers to 29!! Cant wait to see what this year has in store!




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photography by: Nicole Balsamo