"So Fresh So Clean"

In the words of Outkast: “Ain’t nobody dope as me I’m dressed so fresh so clean.

A little throwback from Outkast was the style inspiration for this all white "dope" look.  This is my take on "Business Casual" outside of the office. Nothing seems more fresh than all white getup.  Kinda feel like Gatsby here.

Lately, I’ve been loving an edgy take on business casual when going out or for an OOTD.  "Business Casual" doesn't only have to apply to the office  and considering how much we spend on our wardrobes, why not get pieces you can diversify.  I think tailored high waisted pants are going to kill this year because you can wear them for every season.  There are a lot of trendy options at Zara.

If you ask me where my outfits from, 95% of the time I will probably answer Zara.  I’m absolutely obsessed with this store!  I may or may not be a huge contributor to the fact its founder, Amancio Ortega, is one of the richest men in the world...oops!

I discovered Zara when I lived in Madrid 6 years ago.  I remember stumbling in there for a winter jacket and of course left with about 10 bags.  I fell in love with Zara's vibe.  This was the moment I found my true passion for styling.  Finding clothes that fit me well, were trendy, hip and not breaking my college budget was pretty difficult.  However, Zara made that possible and after that discovery, I was hooked and wanted to style at every opportunity I got.  

Zara is awesome because their pieces look high end and are affordable, plus you can find pretty much anything you're looking for.  They have two lines that pertain to the type of look you want; their main line (where you can find your classic basics) and TRF (where you can find your younger/trendier pieces.  TRF is also less expensive.  

Take this look for example,  it represents both.  We all know crop tops are trending, but these trousers can be worn forever.  Both pieces can be worn separately too so you have options! 

"Don't you think I'm so sexy I'm dressed so fresh so clean"

Don't hate me if you end up going over board at Zara this week, but hey! at least you'll be looking so fresh so clean! 

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photography by: Nicole Marie Photography

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