"that girl is a real crowd pleaser"

“That girl is a real crowd pleaser, small world all her friends know me”

(Black Beatles) - Rae Sremmurd

Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatle” was the style inspiration behind this look.  Considering how much attention it got for it’s opening liner and millions of people re-creating the mannequin challenge, it was inevitable this song wasn't leaving my head.  So, I instantly went to the drawing board...

Rae Sremmurd is relating themselves to a current day version of the Beatles.  Therefore, it made me think of an all black retro look bringing back the bell bottoms, flowy sleeves, with a little choker action to represent what's trending today.  I love this top from Zara, it is so convenient the choker is buttoned to the shirt so you have the option of having a choker or not, genius!   

I think styles from the 60's, 70's, and 90's will be trending this year.  We are seeing a lot of high-waisted bell bottom pants, velvet shirts/dresses, chunky heels, and old popular sport brands making a come back.  Creating a modern day retro look is so fun and it proves the motto "that will go out of style" wrong!  Looks like our horrible outfit choices from our past weren't so bad after all, well at least the ones trending again.  Dress to impress and remember be "a real crowd pleaser" ;) 

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photography by: Medium Raw Arts