CRSSD fest is a local 2 day music festival with major dj headliners.  It's conveniently located in the heart of downtown on the waterfront so the festival has breathtaking views at any hour.  When sunset hits the main stage, nothing gets more surreal than that.  I live in Little Italy so being able to attend this festival in my backyard is pretty freakin awesome.  If you are a music lover like me and have never been to Coachella or any other main stream festival, CRSSD is the way to go.  You can buy passes for the whole weekend or by day.  


From the location, stage setups and vendors CRSSD is such a cool experience.  If you have never attended Coachella or its on your bucket list, CRSSD is a great festival to try out first.  Although its vibe is way less intense than Coachella it gives you a pretty good idea of what partying, dancing, and listening to music all day is all about.  

The lineups are always great too.  I've seen some pretty amazing headliners at CRSSD.  From BANKS, KYGO, KUNGS, EMPIRE OF THE SUN, ZHU, and ODEZZA, I've been mind blown every time.  Like I said its surreal to see some of your favorite DJ's that close up playing in your backyard.  

Obviously being a music festival, CRSSD is another fun opportunity to play dress up.  Anything really goes at these festivals.  Whenever I get ready for CRSSD the two stores I hit up are Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville.  I don't want to break the bank for just a weekend so these places have good basics like bodysuits, hats, belts, and jewelry which are perfect combos for festival fashion.  



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