In the words of Jay Z & Alicia Keys: "Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of"


New York City is without a doubt one of my favorite cities in the world.  If I didn't live in San Diego I would probably want to live in New York City.  

"These streets will make you feel brand new, these lights will inspire you"

Despite the winters New York has this energy that just consumes you.  Everything from the restaurant bar scene to the fashion and shopping, I always have a little Carrie Bradshaw moment roaming its streets.  New York's hustle and bustle inspires me and motivates me to achieve more. 

I am by no means a New York expert but if you have never been to NYC I suggest hitting up all the tourist spots, they are totally worth it!  Below are a few good sports I've been to.  

The last time I was in NYC was in September of 2016.  I was staying at Hotel Indigo in Lower East Side.  This neighborhood is a young professional vibe and has great options for trendy hotels, bars, shopping, and restaurants.  

I stumbled upon the Yumi Kim boutique in lower east side and bought two pieces from her summer collection (one featured in these pics).  I love her style, her pieces are so colorful and bright.  Although I don't wear a ton of color her designs are way to beautiful to pass up.  They are absolutely eye catching and flattering on everyone and not to mention diverse.   I love that they can be dressed up for a a special occasion like a wedding or down for like a  tropical vacation.  Her material is amazing quality, always super soft and comfortable.  

Obviously I can't travel without music, so when I'm off to that destination I almost, every time make a playlist.  If you have future travel plans to New York and want some tunes to get you in the mood, press play to hear my NYC PLAYLIST




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