Goddess Glow

This fall weather has me missing my summer grecian tan.  There's no better feeling than a good tan, but there are some beauty products that can help!!

I naturally have an olive skin tone because of my asian genes, but I definitely get lighter in the fall and winter seasons.  Therefore, the products that help keep my glow going strong all year round are:

Foundation:  It Cosmetics CC cream in Medium/Tan. (I CANNOT live without this stuff, I repeat CANNOT haha it is amazing.  I used to wear heavy thick foundation and tried CC creams that never covered enough.  Then I tried this stuff and it's the perfect coverage.  Not too heavy, not too light.  Not to mention it is way better for your skin!  To set my CC cream I have been using

Powder: Mac's Studio Fix powder plus in NC35.   But probably want to try the CC powder it comes with next.  Then I will take bronzer and contour with 

Bronzer: It Cosmetics Radiance Ombre- ( I absolutely LOVE this stuff) It's a bronzer with ombred shimmer highlighter tints throughout.  This baby is the main product for my glow.  After bronzer I will apply blush just on the cheek bones using

Blush: Mac BLUSHBABY.  After that I take a highlighter and brush that just above where I contour with bronzer.

Highlighter: Mac's Mineralize Skinfinish is my fav!! but two faced and benefit has good highlighters too.  I prefer the powder highlighters vs the sticks because I think applying it is easier and they tend to look more natural.  

These combos are really amazing for a bronze natural glow all year round! 


"Got my Vans on, but they look like sneakers"
it’s a punk rock shoe, with a logo in the back”
— The Pack

As you've probably noticed, Vans are making a major comeback!  When I started noticing girls rocking them again, I wanted to head straight to the mall and buy a pair.  But then I remembered, I had some in storage.  Funny story, my best friend Daniel from home, bought me these vans for my 17th birthday.  I only wore them once or twice because at the time Vans weren't too popular with the ladies.   

Now, Vans, Adidas, and Converse are all the rage.  We're seeing these old school kicks reincarnated into wardrobes and adding personality to outfits all around the world.  I love it, because tennis shoes are easy not to mention acceptable in all seasons.  

sole kinda thick, like a big booty chick”
— The Pack

I love pairing these vans with any outfit.  Whether that's being causal, cute and comfy like pictured above, or rocking a medium length dress with a leather bomber to add some spice to a casual getup.  You really can't go wrong rocking some cute sneaks with whatever's lying in your closet.  And depending on the style of the shoe, it can really give your outfit a whole new vibe.  

Looks like being a hoarder came in handy lol!  Also, did I mention that Vans are really comfy??? I think I want to get a pair of the "old skool" style next.  

Since 1966, Vans had set a trend
— The Pack


jeans: J BRAND



jacket: ZARA

sunglasses: RAY BAN

Nautical Vibes

I know Summer is on its way out, but with So. Cal's weather forecast lately, I think rocking white is pretty acceptable.  One thing I noticed this year was that blue and white stripes are a big trend.  Seems like the nautical vibes are here to stay.  

Another trend I'm loving right now, is high waisted pants and jumpsuits.  Jumpsuits for one are super easy to throw on and look put together without much effort.  As for high waisted pants they go with any shirt, blouse,  bodysuit, or tank.  And most of the styles are very flattering because they cinch the waist.  

shop this look: 

pants, top, shoes, and jumpsuit: ZARA






Back in college I studied abroad in Spain and during that 6 month period I had the opportunity to visit England, France, Germany, Italy, and Portugal.  That was my first time in Europe, and as cliche as it sounds, I got bit by the traveling bug.  I guess it runs in my family as well, considering my dads a pilot.  Ever year I try and do an international trip so I can mark off more on the map.  Greece was always my number one destination to visit and I am still in awe I was able to experience it the way I did.  I went with two best friends of mine and we had the trip of a lifetime.  

Greece is without a doubt my favorite country in Europe now.  There is so much to love about Greece.  It is beyond beautiful, the food is delicious, the people are friendly, and the activities are endless.  You can really get whatever you want out of you trip, whether that involves laying out on the beach or staying up till sunrise and partying your face off.   As for our trip, we definitely did both.  Each island offers something, which is why I love it so much.  

We only had time to see 3 different islands in Greece.  Our route consisted of Athens, Santorini, Paros and Mykonos.  As for my favorite?? O man it's really hard to say, they are all so unique and amazing in their own way.  But like most tourists, I'd probably say Santorini for its beauty (there is really nothing in the world like it) and Mykonos because this place is magic and I'll explain more on that below.   



We only had a day here, so we made the most out of it!  We flew from Athens to Santorini and stayed at a cute boutique hotel called Agnandi Villas in Oia, Santorini.  You want to stay in Oia because it is where the iconic white and blue domed buildings are on the hills over looking the Mediterranean sea.  We rented quads as soon as we checked in and had them for a 24 hour time period.  I totally recommend this because Santorini is very hilly and spread out so it makes transportation a lot easier.  We didn't have time to explore the beaches in Santorini, but I've heard they're defiantly worth visiting.  Downtown Oia is where all the iconic views are.  Perfect spot for taking photos, grabbing a bite, and shopping.  Very touristy and busy though, so going early in the morning is ideal.  Also side note, Santorini is known for their sunsets, so make a reservation at a roof top restaurant or bar a head of time so you can get a good spot for the sunset.    


After Santorini we took the ferry to Paros.  We only had one day here too.  We stayed in another cute boutique hotel called Kanale's rooms and suites which was walking distance from Naoussa village.  Naoussa is a beautiful quant little fishing port.  For being so small it is full of life.  Here you can find the iconic hanging octopus on the fishing boats and have it served fresh to you for lunch or dinner.  Naoussa has great a downtown area which really comes to life at night.  We met some awesome locals in Paros and really loved this island too. 




PURE PURE MAGIC!!  Why?!  because its simply PARADISE.  Like most places in Greece, Mykonos' hills are covered with blue shuttered white buildings and the beaches are scattered with yachts on yachts.  Mykonos just has this vibe about it that gets your mood going.  You don't even care about sleeping because you don't want the day to end.  Therefore, staying up till 7am every night becomes the norm.  Just like most places in Europe you have a late dinner and stay out till sunrise.  Mykonos also has an amazing downtown area called Little Venice, full of great shopping, restaurants, and bars.  

Places I recommend in Little Venice:

FOOD: want a bomb gyro, like mouth watering the best gyro ever? go to Souvlaki Story

NIGHTLIFE: want good music and to dance? go to Skandinavian Bar and Bonbonniere

SHOPPING: want amazing customized jewelry? go to The Corner Jewelry Market . The guy who owns this store is a G and Hilarious!! Not to mention this place is open till 4am, who doesn't love drunk shopping?! I'm sure you'll make some good decisions while a few Ouzu shots deep.  

Aside from downtown if you want a day party that goes into the night, without question, go to Nammos and Scorpios.  Nammos is super bougie during the day then turns absolutely cray around dinner time.  I have never experienced anything like this.  Make a reservation and make sure it's on the beach bar side.  Go and have a late lunch or early dinner and then by the end of your meal you'll see the servers quickly clear your table and get it ready for you to dance on it.  This place gets LIT so be prepared to get your hair wet from champagne showers, I promise you a few songs deep you won't even care.  Best partying in my entire life, and I can barely hang these days!

Scorpios is bougie as well but such an amazing vibe.  It's location is breathtaking.  It is located between Kavos and Paraga beach.  It's a revamped beach house turned into outdoor restaurant/bar literally on the sand.  The views from here are stunning and I am not just talking about the location, everyone who works at Scorpios is insanely beautiful.  I don't even know how that hiring process goes haha.  

If you want a night club that has good DJ sets, go to Cavo Paradiso!

As for where to stay, I don't think you can go wrong staying anywhere in Mykonos, however, we stayed in Platis Gialos Beach.  I highly recommend this location because it is located in the center of the two most popular beaches Psarou and Paradise.  You can walk to either and it is a short bus ride into town.  We stayed at Mina Studios here, which is a family run hotel that has 6 studios.  The couple who runs Mina, are absolutely adorable, I wanted them to adopt me!  They serve a complimentary breakfast every am; that is if you even wake up for it... we made one lol.  But anyhow, they are extremely kind and make you feel right at home!  

So in conclusion, you need to get your ass to Greece.  And don't be discouraged if you aren't a huge partier because there is a ton to do and see aside from the partying scene.  But I promise you if you go to Mykonos...something tells me you'll hop off that ferry/plane and be in party mode!  Something in the air there just brings it out of you.  

"She's a Goddess"

"You should've crowned her, cause she's a Goddess, you never got this"

By: Banks 'Goddess'

casual cute in Athens, tennies and shorts are always a good combo when sight seeing. 

casual cute in Athens, tennies and shorts are always a good combo when sight seeing. 

The Mediterranean shores were incredibly beautiful, therefore, it was only appropriate for me to channel my inner Grecian Goddess while traveling the islands.  It gets pretty hot in Greece during the summer so I packed a lot of light weight and flowy material outfits for my trip.  Thankfully Greece has a good breeze so the heat was never unbearable.  

I rocked a lot of maxis and a lot of WHITE in Greece because I wanted to look effortless and causal, while still being pretty.  Plus it made packing easier because it didn't require a lot of pieces or accessorizing.  In Mykonos, I found the best jewelry store!  Good quality and so many options, not to mention the owner will customize anything you want.  Found the perfect dainty necklaces to layer together.  The necklaces are pictured below and you can order online here.  'The Corner Market Store'

shop the necklaces: {hand of fatima, white cross, greece coin not on website but message owner and he can send you size options}

When you do a beach vacation you obviously need coverups.  I heard Mykonos was known for their day parties therefore, I knew I wanted to find unique coverups that could be dressed up but still be worn with sandals.  I found some amazing ones on ASOS.  

shop this look: {red dress, blue dress}




Current Status: Out of the Office

A lot of BLUE and WHITE inspiration chaneling my style right now.  Can you guess why?!  In just a few days I'll be touching down in one of the most beautiful countries in the world!  I'll give you a hint, this country is notoriously known for their white buildings, blue domes, and crystal blue water...

If you guessed Greece you're CORRECT!!  I love traveling the world and Greece has always been at the top of my list.  I've been to England, Germany, France, Spain, and Portugal and loved every single one of them, but I have a feeling Greece might top them all!  Not only is Greece known for breathtaking scenery, they have quite the reputation for their party scene.  Day and Night beach parties?! Doesn't get more vacation mode than that.  

If you are on vacation, taking one soon, or just want to feel like you're on one, I have a great tropical/vacation house mix for you on Spotify.  Click the link below, press play and let the beats take you to your tropical destination, wherever that might be...

 "Out of the Office"


shop the look: {top similar, shoes similar, shorts}

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